Emotional farewell for Corradina

17 July- Carsten-Otto Nagel couldn't hold the tears back: Shortly before the Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup, the successful horse of the German show-jumper, Corradina, retired from the sport on Thursday evening in the Main Stadium. At the exact venue, where according to the national coach, Otto Becker, the "outstanding pair" excelled three years ago in the Mercedes-Benz Nations' Cup with a double clear round. "I have Corradina a lot to thank. I can't even express it in words. Thank you for everything." Nagel retired "his" Corradina from the competition sport with tears in his eyes.

What remains is the memory of great victories: Team bronze and individual silver at the European Championships in Windsor (2009), team gold and fifth place in the individual classification at the World Championships in Kentucky (2010), team gold and individual silver at the European Championships in Madrid (2011) and last year team silver at the European Championships in Herning. Six medals at four Championships – an outstanding performance.

It was Nagel's express wish that Corradina celebrated going into retirement in Aachen, as he announced a few weeks ago: "I am grateful and pleased that the farewell ceremony of Corradina is taking place in Aachen. Because for me the best horse in the world is retiring at the best show in the world. That is fantastic! Of course, I am sad, but life goes on – a new phase begins. Corradina will be implemented as a brood mare in the future, and I am sure she will produce a few wonderful foals." Svenja Herz, Corradina's groom, also accompanied the 16-year-old mare on her last appearance in this worth setting.

source: www.chioaachen.de