Equestrian Canada Names Olympic Teams And Individuals

On Thursday, July 14, the Canadian Olympic Committee and Equestrian Canada named the 10 athletes nominated to represent Team Canada in the three equestrian disciplines at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Both eventing and show jumping will field teams of four athletes, while two individuals will represent Canada in dressage.

The Show Jumping teams are as follows:

Yann Candele on Showgirl or First Choice 15

Tiffany Foster on Tripple X III or Victor

Eric Lamaze on Fine Lady 5 or Check Picobello Z

Amy Millar on Heros

Reserve: Kara Chad on Bellinda

So, there will be an equestrian rider named Millar competing in the Rio Olympics.

It’s just a different member of the Millar clan than we’re used to representing Canada in the jumping ring.

Ian Millar, the legendary rider from Perth, Ont, had hoped to compete in his 11th Olympics this summer in Brazil. Unfortunately, in equestrian events a healthy rider is not enough. He or she needs a healthy horse, and Millar’s ride, Dixson, is sidelined after sinus surgeries.

To Millar’s delight, his loss is his daughter’s gain. Amy, is in the squad. So, Ian will be in Rio, but as a proud parent, rather than a competitor.

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