4 September - Following the announcement this week of the six candidates standing for the FEI Presidential election, the FEI Bureau has set up an Independent Advisory Committee in order to preserve the integrity of the election process and to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

The Independent Advisory Committee, which has been established under Article 36.1 of the FEI Statutes, will oversee the election process and all related matters. The temporary committee will be composed of:

- The FEI President, HRH Princess Haya
- The Chair of the Equestrian Community Integrity Unit, Lord Stevens
- The former Chair of the FEI Tribunal, Ken Lalo
- The Chair of the FEI Audit and Compliance Unit, Brian Mangan

In addition, no candidate will be involved in any aspect of the election process. This process will be handled in FEI Headquarters by the Director Governance and Executive Affairs and the Legal Director.

No candidate will participate in FEI Executive Board and FEI Bureau meetings and teleconferences on any aspect related to the election process. The FEI Director Governance and Executive Affairs and the FEI Legal Director will replace such candidates until the end of the elections.

The Secretary General will continue to handle the day-to-day matters in FEI Headquarters and the tasks explicitly requested and agreed by the FEI President, the FEI Bureau and/or the FEI Executive Board as appropriate, and these matters will not be related to elections.

When travelling to attend meetings organised by FEI Regional Groups to present candidates, all candidates will travel at their own expense. In addition, the Secretary General will only travel for the FEI in relation to his role as Secretary General and this travel will require approval by the Independent Advisory Committee;

Questions or concerns about the Presidential elections can be directed to the Independent Supervisory Committee through the FEI Director Governance and Executive Affairs.

source: fei.org