A press release from the FEI announces that its General Assembly has today voted in favour of the proposed format changes for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020, which will now go to the IOC Executive Board for final approval in 2017.

Under the new proposals, the number of athletes in national teams will be reduced to three, and the drop score, which previously allowed for a team’s worst score to be discarded, will be removed. The use of a reserve combination for teams will remain in place, but will be even more important and will be a key element in ensuring horse welfare.

The proposed changes are detailed below:


  • Teams of three horse/athlete combinations per nation, plus one reserve combination, no drop score

  • 20 teams (60 horse/athlete combinations)

  • 15 slots for nations not qualified with a team (maximum one  horse/athlete combination per nation)

  • Individual event will now take place before Team event

  • Cut-off score: the exact cut-off and resulting penalty will be finalised in the Olympic Regulations

  • The exact penalty for any horse/athlete combination that is eliminated, or does not complete their round for any reason, will be finalised in the Olympic Regulations

Timeline for finalisation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic formats:

February 2017 – FEI proposals go to the IOC Executive Board

May 2017 – IOC Programme Commission make recommendations to the IOC Executive Board

July 2017 – IOC Executive Board decides on events and quotas

November 2017 – FEI General Assembly in Montevideo (URU) finalises the proposal for qualification procedures (quota distribution and eligibility)

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