Tomorrow morning, the FEI Sports Forum will start as every year since 2012.

The FEI Sports Forum give the possibility to all the stakeholders to discuss, debate and plan the future of equestrian sport, underling where we stand but importantly where we need to go.


The first session is about gender equality, considering that equestrian is the only Olympic and Paralympic sport in which men and women compete on equal terms at all levels.

The second session is about the preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including a progress report, climate mitigation plans and a presentation on optimising equine and human performance in a challenging climate, considering that all the events will be held in potentially hot and humid conditions. It will be underlined all the ways to enable horses and athletes to perform to the best of their abilities and to minimise any risk of heat-related illness and or injury and to optimise horse and athlete performance in hot and humid conditions.

The third session is about the review of Legal System, and will discuss the following points:
- Review of "Chapter VIII - The Legal System" of the FEI General Regulations
- Eventing Risk Management sanctions
- Pony measuring

The last session of the day will be on reining, allowing for discussion on the future of the discipline.


The Sports Forum’s second day will focus on Endurance. It is the first time that an entire Sports Forum day will be dedicated to a single topic, but in view of the turmoil in which the discipline has found itself in recent times, it is vital we take the time to reflect on the future in an open and responsive manner.

All sessions will be live streamed, please for any informations you can visit the link below:

source: FEI web site