29th April


The FEI Sustainability Programme and the proactive sustainable steps that can be taken at equestrian events around the world were detailed by Dr Harald Müller (GER), FEI Director Education and Standards, to open the afternoon session of the FEI Sports Forum 2014.

The new FEI Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers, circulated during the session and also available online, encourages organisers to implement sustainability initiatives based on their own set priorities to help reduce negative environmental impact and create positive legacies.
“Sustainable sporting events are a major priority for organisers and the network of organisations who help make these happen - governments, sponsors and the communities in which the events takes place to name just a few,” Dr Müller said.
“Equestrian events are unique in many ways, and are also very different to each other based on geography, existing infrastructure and financing, but they do have one thing in common: sustainable action can be taken at every event. The FEI Sustainability Handbook is designed to highlight how, and also what proactive measures can be taken in the future.”


The FEI Online Entry System, the single platform that enables Organising Committees and National Federations to process the entries of athletes and horses to manage results more efficiently, was reviewed in the second afternoon session.
Gaspard Dufour, FEI IT Manager, highlighted the key system developments and outlined areas for further improvement with the National Federations.
FEI Sports Forum delegates were invited to give feedback on how the system has facilitated their work and discuss ways in which it could be further improved.


RH Princess Haya today signalled her intention to stand for re-election as FEI President following an overwhelming vote in favour of amending the FEI Statutes to allow FEI Presidents to serve three consecutive four-year terms in office.
The vote on amending the Statutes to prolong the term of the FEI President took place at the FEI Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) in Lausanne (SUI) today, with 103 National Federations voting in favour of the amendment. There were three votes against the amendment and no abstentions. The EGA also voted in favour of applying the same term to all FEI Bureau members.
Princess Haya had stated in September last year that she would not stand for re-election, despite an earlier move by FEI Regional Group Chairpersons and the National Federations to amend the FEI Statutes at the 2013 General Assembly. The FEI Presidential election will take place at the General Assembly in December.


The FEI today announced bold steps that will ensure improved protection of the welfare of horses in Endurance events, proposing unprecedented athlete penalties for equine injuries, extended rest periods and increased accountability. The moves were fully supported by delegates attending today’s Endurance round table on the second day of the FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne (SUI).
“The welfare of the horse is not just a veterinary issue, it’s an issue for all those who work in the sport,” FEI 1st Vice President John McEwen and chair of the FEI Veterinary Committee said.
Proposed rule changes relating to officials’ accountability and responsibility, increased protection of horses through athlete penalty points and extended rest periods, appointment of Independent Governance Advisors (IGA) and improved conflict of interest regulations received wide support from attendees.


Committee of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 (23 August to 7 September) and the FEI marked the 116-day countdown to the FEI’s flagship event today in the afternoon session of the FEI Sports Forum 2014.
Two members of the Organising Committee - Laurent Cellier (FRA), Sports Director, and Pauline Laidi (FRA), Head of Services to National Federations - gave delegates a detailed update on the event preparations covering the timetable, competition venues, veterinary services, logistics, accreditations, entries, communications and key dates.

Vaulting round table

The popularity of Vaulting on digital media, the revision of competition formats, introduction of new tests and protecting horse welfare were the focal points of the Vaulting round table, the final session of the FEI Sports Forum 2014.
The FEI Vaulting Technical Committee proposed the introduction of a new Junior level - CVIJ3* - designed to raise the standard for young athletes looking ahead to Senior competition. The new level would test Junior vaulters with three technical exercises to be performed in front of the surcingle.
“The proposed introduction of a CVIJ3*, which will be presented to our National Federations for further feedback, would help our Junior athletes to progress more easily to Senior level”, explained Emma Seeley (USA), Chair of the Vaulting Committee and round table panellist. “The level of our Junior athletes has progressed to such a high standard that we have very gifted athletes around the world, who are ready for this challenge.”
At Senior level, the introduction of a new CVIO4* format was proposed in which the team competition would take place at the end of the event as a grand finale, ensuring an exciting build-up for spectators. Chef d’Equipes would declare their teams only after the performances of their individual, squad and pas-de-deux athletes, adding to the excitement of the final competition.

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