FISE: Piazza di Siena, 2015. The President revealed the first news

17 April- Today in Rome, at the headquarters of the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, there was  an informal meeting between the FISE President Vittorio Orlandi and the journalis, to introduce the first news about the next edition of the CSIO of Rome, Piazza di Siena - Master Fratelli d'Inzeo, that will be from 21 till 24 of May.

"Piazza di Siena is a unique place in the world - began Orlandi - I have a lot of memories connected with this competition: the lawn, the azaleas. The stands were always full of public, and in the VIP stand there always be the Republic President to watch our great riders who always won: Piero and Raimondo D'Inzeo, Graziano Mancinelli."

Talking about the 2015 edition, Vittorio Orlandi said that there will be top riders like the reigning World Champion Jeroem Dubbeldam and the Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat.

He added that the puissance competition has been replaced with the "6 barriers class" that as underlined by Michel Robert, that is an icon of the international show jumping world, "is a good decision because with the evolution of our sport, puissance competition is out of time that better suited events organized in the past."

Regarding the VIP stand, Orlandi added that they have been invited: on Sunday  the President of the Republic Mattarella and on Friday  the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Eleonora Ottaviani, Show Director CSIO Rome 2015 said that: "Piazza di Siena is a difficult competition but it is full of magic". Eleonora has already directed this event in 1999 so she knows some of the problems that can occur. She added that Piazza di Siena is an historic event, which in the past was an icon of the Italian sport also because, in the world, there were very few international competitions. Today there are about five thousand events  and so it is difficult to emerge. But Eleonora added that they are building a team that can work at the best now and in the Piazza di Siena future".

Finally the President Orlandi said that to find the best solutions, he asked for a meeting with the associations that in these years criticized the organization of this competition. In the past Piazza di Siena was connected with a great passion. There was an Organizing Committee that promoted this CSIO all year. So Vittorio Orlandi wanted to recreate that Committee. He concluded that It would be a nice thing for Piazza di Siena and for the city and he underlined that this event, is an asset for the city of Rome.
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image: the meeting with the journalist