Grand Opening of Riesenbeck International

27 March - Official arena opening with show program and show jumping with top international riders

from We open our gates for all horse lovers and have assembled veritable fireworks of programme points for our Opening on Saturday, 28 March (from 15:00 h). Show and sport of international championship class combined with performances of regional flair - all this shall be presented to the spectators without having to pay an entry fee. You will have to order the tickets here at our website (It is possible to order two cards at a time). The demand is huge and we expect that the contingent of 2500 seats will soon be exhausted. Members of the Reiterverein Riesenbeck enjoy the privilege of secured cards. However, they will also have to order them at the office of the Reiterverein.

"We would like to celebrate the opening of our new halls and inform the spectators of our plans for the future", says hall operator Ludger Beerbaum. Together with Constantin Freiherr Heereman he is investor of both halls. During the past weeks, he made enquiries among his colleagues and show jumping rider friends and assembled an international starter field for a top class event which almost borders on a championship. World and Olympic champions as well as members of the perspective group show jumping and, of course, the riders of the Ludger Beerbaum stable.

Also the show programme is sensational: Next to the official speeches for the opening, one of the five Olympic champions, Isabell Werth, shall present a dressage show from the saddle, vaulting world champions shall perform and the young stallions from the Beerbaum stallion station (dressage and show jumping) will be presented. This is accompanied by programme points which present the Reiterverein Riesenbeck. Philipp Freiherr Heereman, first chairman of the association, is excited: "Among other things, our riders association participates in the programme with a children's vaulting group and a dressage quadrille consisting of professionals from the Beerbaum stable and our pony riders." He adds that the association " is famous for its driving competitions. So, coaches will certainly play a role in the Opening ceremony. The ceremony shows what Riesenbeck International wants to achieve: integrating professional and grassroots sports - Ludger Beerbaum, his team and the local riding club."

After show and sport the riding club will be giving a great party.

Show programme and show jumping are transmitted live by