The International Jumping Riders Club Extraordinary Assembly has been held during the Show in Geneva, on the 13th December 2013


IJRC Members:

Christina Liebherr                                         
Ludger Beerbaum
Rodrigo Pessoa                                            
Steve Guerdat
Ben Maher                                                    
Philippe Lejeune
Kevin Staut                                                   
Maikel Van der Vleuten
Edwina Alexander                                        
Markus Beerbaum
Luciana Diniz                                                
Cameron Hanley
Reed Kessler                                                
Brianne Goutal
Luca Moneta                                                
Pius Schwizer
Dermott Lennon                                           
Martin Fuchs
Daniel Etter                                                   
Tiffany Foster
Roger Yves Bost                                          
Gerco Schröder
Katie Prudent                                                
Patrice Delaveau
Katharina Offel                                             
Romain Duguet

Eleonora Ottaviani (IJRC Director)

Laura Borromeo (Website Responsible)

Elisabetta Garobbio (Director Assistant)


Murray Kessler                                              NARG

Jean François Danton                                   Riders Club France

Henry Prudent

The IJRC President Christina Liebherr welcomes the presents and thanked the riders for their presence.

1. Appointment of the chairman of the day

Eleonora Ottaviani has been elected as chairman for this Meeting.


Eleonora Ottaviani explains to the present that in order to have more power outwards it should be important to open the Club to more members, therefore the IJRC Board proposes to add the following point to the Statutes:


7. Members

c) The International Jumping Riders Club is open, without right to vote, to Supporters, Fans and riders ranked in the first 3000 positions.

To become Fan and Supporters member of the IJRC it is necessary to pay a fee, established year by year from the Board.


The Assembly agrees and accepts this change in the Statutes that will come into force on the 1st January 2014.


The IJRC President Christina Liebherr reports of the FEI General Assembly that has been held in Montreux at the beginning of November.

In her opinion the fact that the IJRC is allowed to participate but doesn’t have the right to vote or to say anything is very frustrated, but she believes that it is important to be there as it permits to meet the representatives of FEI and NFs, talk to them trying to explain our wishes and problems in order to receive the support we need to forward our proposals.

She exposed some points that have been decided or discussed:

-       Until the 2017 the Swedish agricultural department let’s FEI run their events under FEI Veterinary rules

-       Grooms are asked to download the FEI application concerning Clean Sport on their phone

-       The FEI was happy that in the two Finals, Gothenburg and Barcelona, there wasn’t any doping case

-       Facilities for Horse Transportation – overseas travelling

-       There was an increase of horses and riders registered with the FEI.

Horses in 2007: 39000 – 2012: 58000.

The 50% of FEI registered riders are Show jumpers

Maria Gretzer is our representative in the FEI Executive Board. She has been chosen by the FEI, and until now we didn’t have many contacts, but she agreed to send us news once a month.

Eleonora reports about the meeting that she and Christina had with EEF Group I + II: the contacts are good, they would like to support the IJRC, for this reason they asked to receive inputs from the riders. The EEF is a young association and has to make experience, but they have a total of 44 votes so we should co-operate.

It is general opinion that we have to be careful and not let us too much involve as we are an international association and we are working for whole athletes in the world. The suggestion is to work with them as we are doing now with FEI and NFs.

Emile Hendrix, for years IJRC Committee member, has been elected in the Board of the Netherland’s Federation and we are sure this increase the co-operation with them and their support to the Club.

A few days before this meeting we received the FEI communication concerning the voting system for the Athletes representative in the Jumping Committee:


Voting System: online

Candidates must have been taking part at least at one of the last two Olympics

Allowed to vote: 3000 riders in the ranking

Terms to send candidatures: 31st March 2014


The IJRC Board is deeply concerned about the FEI decision to introduce this voting system that has been decided without asking the riders associations, this is contrary to what they promised in Herning during the IJRC General Assembly.

Following this decision we have been asked by the Dressage and the Eventing Riders Club to sign with them a strong letter to send to FEI.

Discussed points:

-       Up till now the Riders Clubs had chosen their representative (in the Executive Board and in the Jumping Committee)

-       It could be the same voting system as in IOC

-       The decision has been taken without asking the riders: first FEI cancelled our status of Associated Member and second it seems that they would like to work with individuals and not with groups recognized by the FEI herself. At the moment we are out of all decisions.

-       Christina underlines that we have to recognize that representing the athletes is a volunteer job: often there are 2 days meetings, documents to read: for an active rider it is not easy to stay behind this and be always updated

After discussion the presents decided to support the Dressage and Eventing Clubs and to sign this letter.

Steve Guerdat reports about a communication he received from Max Kühner, our representative in the Jumping Committee, it concerns the yellow card a rider can receive if he takes out its helmet, may be after a clear round or during the prize giving ceremony, he underlines that it can bring to a disqualification. This rule should come into force already next year.

As Max Kühner the JC has taken this decision, after a proposal from the judges.

It has been decided to have a meeting with S. Ellebruck in order to discuss a review of the yellow card system. Suggested is also to send an official letter (with copy to S. Ellenbruck) asking a meeting with the Jumping Committee, in order to clarify their intention with all these yellow cards and expose the riders position, which should be clear and determinate. They have to be aware that they are handling with our lives and our interests in the Jumping discipline.


The different FEI sources of revenues have been presented to the riders, on this subject it was underlined that the most of the revenues (passports, events taxes) are paid by the riders for a total of about 11’000’000 CHF.

It should be clarified how the event taxes on prize money are considered by the different state tax offices, if like a tax on the people receiving a prize money or like a salary.

It is general opinion that we should work more with organizers on this issue.


Eleonora Ottaviani shows a study made by the EEF concerning shows, riders and horses registered inside the FEI.




All the presents received documents concerning correspondence between Luciana Diniz and François Mathy jr.

Luciana and Edwina sent a proposal to Eleonora and François concerning ranking points with following proposals:

-       Bonus for a double clear in GPs, as it is in the Nations Cup;

-       minimum number of riders starting in a class that gives points

-       division of the D points class in D1 and D2;

-       reduction of the points awarded in the NC;

-       maintaining the 30 top results;

-       bonus for show: 10 points more to be awarded when 50% of the riders competing belong to the Top50

and they would like to discuss with the IJRC board on these issues.

As Ludger Beerbaum the 30 best results are a good solution and the Club has been fighting a lot to obtain it. Concerning points for Nation Cup, it is general opinion that the rule should be over the parts, it is not possible to make exceptions for each situation and for riders belonging to weaker countries. He wants to underline that if a rider compete in Nation Cup he cannot participate to other may be nicer shows.

Inputs from the riders:

Edwina Alexander asks about the minimum prize money and refers about the show in London.

As Philippe Lejeune the points doesn’t have forcedly be linked to the prize money, please consider

also the number of riders starting in a class: it is different to compete with 20 or 60 participants

Reed Kessler propose a coefficient for TOP10 Riders

It has been decided that following issues should be discussed and updated with FEI:

1)    Ranking

1)    CSI Requirements (entry fee, extra fees)

2)    Different numbers of riders in the GP

3)    Invitation System: as Edwina Alexander, Luca Moneta and Cameron Hanley it is very difficult for young riders to receive Ranking points with the actual system.

The Assembly decided to ask FEI to give more points to 2* and 3* stars GP, in order to help the coming up riders to improve their position in the ranking. This change has to come into force as soon as possible and starting from January 2014.

As soon as possible the IJRC Board will deeply analyze the Ranking points system in order to change the necessary.

The following points will be discussed:

  • 4 classes counting for each show

  • Joker classes

  • Speed class 145  and 150 jump off (2nd round 150 more difficult that a normal speedy class)

  • 2* and 3* riders have no chance to have enough points and come up. Not really open for riders not ranked in the 40.

  • Different Number of riders in GP

  • Minimum requirement PM for GP  (100.000)

  • CSI Requirements (new categorization)

  • How works the invitation for 5* shows, it  should  be at least 70% in the top 150 in all shows.


Eleonora Ottaviani informs the riders present about the letter that NARG sent to FEI concerning the MoU and the IJRC. As NARG the IJRC is not a legitimate sole international voice for riders.

They asked FEI that the IJRC should not be the “sole” representative of the show jumping riders.


In representative of the NARG Murray Kessler would like to underline that there was no intention for his association to start a war with the IJRC, the American Riders are only asking the IJRC to really be interested to work on their problems and on issues regarding Shows in America.

Furthermore they ask that the word “sole” will be changed in “primary”.

Tiffany Foster, as Canadian, suggests that the two associations works together for the benefit of all riders finding the best solution for both.

The suggestion is to put in the MoU that for specific problems regarding USA the IJRC should work with the NARG.

Eleonora Ottaviani also asks Murray Kessler to contact Max Kühner for any problem they have in the USA so he will be updated too.

It has been decided to write a letter to FEI signed by both associations, in order to show that NARG agrees that IJRC is recognized by FEI as primary riders association.


Just the week before the TOP10 the New IJRC Web Site has been starting to be online, with a direct connection with facebook and twitter.

With this new style-renovation the IJRC Board would like to improve contact with the riders and keep them updated. The riders are asked to contribute making the site alive, with message and inputs, particularly with the Show Evaluation forms that are very important in order to improve the events.

For example many problems have been raised concerning the Show in Salzburg.

It is important for the Board to be informed about all these problems so to be able to forward them to the FEI.


Eleonora Ottaviani thanks Geir Gulliksen for his job collecting the club yearly fee by the riders in 2013. The Board recommends the riders to pay their annual fee.

The IJRC President announced the Agreement reached with ROLEX for the next 5 years, with a first option for other 5 years, as TOP10 title sponsor!! There will be a Press Conference on this issue in the afternoon, but she already can anticipate that there will be a sensible Prize money increase.


The meeting closed at 12.00 am

Approved By

Christina Liebherr, IJRC President

Eleonora Ottaviani, IJRC Director

The minute’s keeper: Elisabetta Garobbio