IJRC General Assembly 2018 in Geneva

We would like to remind you that during the Show in Geneva there will be the IJRC General Assembly, on Friday the 7th December 2018 at 09.15 am,

Starling Hotel - Meeting Room Doha 1st Floor


  1. Opening and Welcome

  2. Minutes Approval of the Extraordinary Assembly in Geneva 2017

  3. IJRC President’s Report

  4. Member’s fee and account’s situation 31.12.2017 / 30.11.2018 and their approval

  5. Ranking Points 2019- Invitation System

  6. New Jumping Rules and Report on the FEI General Assembly November 2018

  7. Contamination (legal issues – yellow card)

  8. Miscellaneous

Invitation System: at 11.15 a FEI representative will be at the disposal of those riders who may have any questions regarding the Invitation System

For those who would like to watch an extract from Friday's IJRC General Assembly, a video will be uploaded on the official IJRC website (www.ijrc.org) from Friday afternoon.