IJRC March News

Equestrian Sport is in full activity with several high-level Competitions, alongside with this events the International Jumping Riders Club continues his working on a lot of different issues.

An important subject the IJRC is working a lot is the anti doping issue, regarding the violation caused by food and contamination, one of the most important news is that it is no longer required the immediate provisional suspension of the athlete in order to avoid mistake that can affect the image and carrier of a rider.

This change allows the FEI Tribunal more flexibility when prosecuting a case or when imposing sanctions in contamination cases, but we are still working on this subject, as there are other important issues to be discussed.

The IJRC is working also on

- Aspect connected with doping case, when the athlete involved is a minor

- Analysing the “Extra fee” and changes in CSI Requirement agreement.

- Contact the Judges Club and FEI Jumping Committee member Mr Stephan Ellenbruch, in order to   analyse if it will be suitable, in cases of involuntary or minor violations, to introduce a preliminary step before give a Yellow card and the introduction of a Panel to decide about the immediate disqualification.

- Consider if shaving below the horse knee should be banned, but accept normal clipping.

- Relationship Steward-Athlete  and Officials- Athlete with special  attention to the procedure in case of disqualification during an event.

- Consequences, interpretation and application of the rules (the weighing of any sanction on the basis of the principle of proportionality. Difference between voluntary or accidental rule violation).

The IJRC is trusting and sure that in front of so many aspects, it will be always possible to reach some valid solutions when the priority is given to the interest of our sport and welfare of the horses.

If one of our member has any input regarding these aspects we will welcome her or his opinion at ijrc1977@gmail.com.

Regarding the young Riders Academy, the new program conceived for talented young show jumpers, with the cooperation of the International Jumping Riders Club, the young athletes have recently been in Lausanne at the EPFL University Campus (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and a lot of members of the IJRC like Jos Lansink, Rolf Göran Bengtsson, Ludger Beerbaum, the Schroeder ‘s Brothers and Franke Sloothaak)  are directly involved to train the students and will also take care of some of the next group of athletes.

In late spring the European new talents will be selected by the panel, composed by former IJRC Board members like Emile Hendrix, Otto Becker, together with Jean Maurice Bonneau and Dirk Demeersman.

Eleonora Ottaviani

IJRC Director