This year’s IJRC General Assembly took place during the European Championships in Gothenburg on the 26 August 2017, in front of more then 100 people.

The FEI President Ingmar De Vos, the Secretary General  Sabrina Ibáñez, the FEI Legal Director Mikael Rentsch, riders and chef d’equipes, several National Federations’ representatives and numerous journalists all attended the event.

Crucial items on the agenda included the following:

The importance of preserving the Nations Cups. These essential competitions are the lifeblood of equestrian sport, as the European Championships proved. All athletes present at the Assembly agreed, saying that the emotions of the public, riders, and the people involved with  team success were amazing and unique.

Ranking points. The Club believes that the formula is correct, but several issues still need to be resolved. Among these is the multiplication of the ranking classes and shows.

The new on line invitation system will be linked to the Longines FEI Ranking points, and this will help to keep the entry fees under control.

The goal is to make sure that ranking points are fair for all riders at all levels, and for this reason, the General Assembly unanimously agrees to the following IJRC Board proposal:

* Limit the possibility to earn points to once per day.

* Allow riders to earn ranking points for 5* only in events that respect the following percentage of invitations:

  • 60% in descending order (including Home riders)

  • 20% to the O.C.

  • 20% to the Home NF

*  All details concerning the World CUP and CSIO will be discussed with the LWRG (Longines Working Ranking Group)

It was clearly stated that ranking points (which can affect also the Athletes’ Olympic participation) cannot be distributed to shows that are open, or give priority, to competitors who pay a direct or indirect financial contribution in order to take part.

* The Blood Rules. Next year, show jumpers will no longer be automatically eliminated for minor cases of blood on a horse’s flanks, if proposed FEI rule changes go ahead at this year’s FEI General Assembly in Montevideo.

CSI CSIO Requirements. It was agreed that entry fees should be ‘all inclusive’ (TVA, stable, parking, etc) and that no other kind of extra fee would be allowed. A maximum should be fixed in order to help the organizers run high-quality shows with good facilities, that attract the riders to compete.

Use of Hind Boots (to be approved):

Jumping Rules art. 257 (2.5) – Saddlery (hind boots). It was proposed to introduce, as of 1/1/2019 over a period of three years, restrictions on the type of hind boots that may be used. Following the timelines indicated below, only boots used solely for protective purposes, as described in the Jumping Stewards’ Manual, may be used:

As of 1/1/2019: the restriction will apply to Pony Riders, Children, Amateur Owners, Veterans.

As of 1/1/2020: the restriction will apply to U25, Young Riders and Juniors.

As of 1/1/2021: the restriction will apply to all categories.

These were some of the main items discussed; the Club is aware that the topics are complex and numerous, but believes that dialogue and collaboration between Athletes, NF, FEI, organisers and the media is the best way to ensure a positive future for our sport.