IJRC September News

The Triumph of Clean Sport

First of all we must congratulate all the fantastic medalists of RIO 2016!

Since the beginning it has been a show of a high level of sport, a thrilling from the beginning to the end with fierce and competitive teams, which gave a deserved victory to France! France very unlucky at the beginning but that was strong and able enough to do an encore of the gold medal already won in Eventing.

The USA that in spite of the withdrawal of Cortes was going on competing since to win the silver medal and Germany which get the en plain with 6 Olympics medals, ending as the best Federation of her Country in the medals table.

  • We had the privilege to be present at the “second life of Nick Skelton”, a spectacular performance that let us reflect and thinking on what our sport is unique permitting to a not really young athlete to have a so long career crowned by World and Olympics achievements.

A podium of real champions and horses that we can sure describe as  the best worldwide.

Big Star, really a “Big Star”!! Frederic Pedersen’s All Inn showed from the beginning to be a crack and what about Fine Lady of Eric Lamaze? The only horse that always jumped clear except for the final jump off with only one down.

The IJRC is very happy to underline the fact that these Equestrian Olympics have been really nice and agreeable, a carefully organization, helpfully and flexible when necessary, all this made it possible that this Olympic travel, previously so much under discussion, has become sure one of the more sensational major event of the last 20 years!

The atmosphere was really  pleasant, undoubtedly much to take it as an example and to imitate: this Latin and South American spirit.

Therefore the IJRC feels his self obliged to thank:

  • The whole Brazilians organization, particularly Luiz Roberto Giugni and Erica Sportiello

  • The whole Staff and Headquarters of the FEI, always helpful and able to create a warmly atmosphere

  • And a very big thank to all the volunteers, always very friendly and smiling

Not to forget, moreover, that all the anti-doping tests, both horses and humans were negative.

This is a result about the FEI President and all those that have been involved in Educations and Anti Doping Campaigns can be proud.

Our thoughts are going also to the unlucky ones, as Simon Delestre and Marcus Ehning, to whom we wish great success in the future.

But now this beautiful dream is finished and we start again with a new season, full of sporting dates, important meetings  and a lot of work. But we are sure that work and cooperation between the different lobbies and institutions can going on and achieve more and more better results for our sport.

Eleonora Ottaviani

IJRC Director