By its statute, the IJRC, created in 1977, has always striven to represent riders from around the world, working on global issues.

During the IJRC General Assembly in Aachen last August, to show how the board could  better represent the voices of riders worldwide, it was suggested to ask International rider, Andres Rodriguez (VEN), to become the liaison officer between the IJRC Direction and Riders from South America.

Andres Rodriguez has been a long-term member of the IJRC, and was convinced of the relevance of the Club’s activities  and the actions taken over the past years at the FEI table.

Andres is thrilled to be able to further support the IJRC and equestrian sports:


“I am very grateful to the IJRC for their trust. It is important to help the sport in regions where it is less developed, such as South America. Being lucky enough to be able to compete at some of the best shows in the world, I have a fairly good knowledge of the different levels and challenges of our sport. If we want to see show-Jumping grow in every part of the world, we need to get involved and contribute in various ways. I will try my best to be an active relay between South America and the IJRC.”

With a solid experience of high-level competition in Europe, North and South America, the Venezuelan rider is indeed well aware of his country’s and South America’s needs and issues in regards to the development of Equestrian Sports. Andres will relay the challenges that riders of his area are facing, in order to help raise the profile of Show-Jumping, ensure the sport’s fairness and protect it in the best possible way.

The IJRC Board and team extends its gratitude to Andres Rodrigues for his commitment and cooperation.


As a competitor, Andres's talent was recognized early on, when he won the 1996 FEI Children's Final, a competition for children around the world. He went on to enjoy success as a junior, earning Silver Medal in the 2001 South American Junior Championships.

From 2002 until 2006, Andres trained in Belgium with Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa, an opportunity that allowed him to compete throughout Europe. At the 2005 Bolivarian Games held in Bogota, Colombia, Andres was a member of the Silver Medal Team and also finished in 8th place individually. From 2006 to 2015 Andres won Grand Prix worldwide and consistently moved up the Longines Rankings.

His best achievement to date is his recent Individual Silver Medal at the 2015 PanAmerican Games held in Toronto and his subsequent qualification to the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

Andres is currently Nr 47 in the Longines Rankings.