By its statute, the IJRC, created in 1977, has always striven to represent riders from around the world, working on global issues.

During the IJRC General Assembly in Aachen last August, it was suggested to ask International rider, Katharina Offel (Ukraine) to become together with Vladimir Beletskiy the East Country riders representatives.

- What does the IJRC club mean for you?
Katharina: For me the IJRC means that there is a united voice for the riders, something I believe is very important.

-What is the most important thing the IJRC club should do for the riders?
Katharina: Working for a fair sport, where riders get opportunities and are rewarded based on their actual results and rankings.

- Which are your goals as rider and as IJRC Board member?
Katharina: Working for the welfare of the horses, and to improve this aspect of the sport. I would like to be very active in this regard, also towards the FEI.

- How would you describe the work of the IJRC?
Katharina: Extremely important, and perhaps a bit underestimated.

-What the club should do to give more voice to the riders and to improve our sport?
Katharina: The Club needs to keep on working to involve the riders and get them interested in what goes on outside the ring. As riders we have a special responsibility as there are horses involved in our job, and the way we earn our living - all our colleagues should be interested in the politics going on as well, not just the actual sport or performance that concerns that individual. When it comes to improving our sport I think the Club has done a lot already, but I think it's not an easy job with so many different interests on different sides of the negotiating table. I hope the Club will continue to work for a fair and clean sport, and also for the welfare of the horses.

The IJRC Board and team extends its welcome and congratulation to Katharina Offel as a new member of the Board.


Katharina Offel has had a hugely successful career, and has been competing in the top of the sport for more than a decade - winning Grand Prix and Nations Cup competitions all over the world.

In 2005 she did her first European Championships on Nike in San Patrignano – ending 16th individually. In 2006 Kathi competed at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen on Atlanta 325 – where she ended 22nd individually and 4th with the team. In 2007 Kathi jumped at the European Championships in Mannheim with Lord Spezi – ending 17th individually and 9th with the team.

In the beginning of 2008 Kathi gave birth to her son Leopold.

The following summer she went to the Olympic Games in Hong Kong – also this time with Lord Spezi; ending 59th individually and 10th with the team. In 2010 Kathi competed La Bomba 3 at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky – doing a double clear round in the Nations Cup to end 16th with the team and 44th individually. In 2012 Kathi went to the Olympic Games in London with Vivant, ending 59th individually and 14th with the team. In 2012, she also won the CSI5* Grand Prix competitions in Paris and in Abu Dhabi.

In the autumn of 2013 Kathi started up her own company; Katharina Offel Sporthorses. Kathi based herself at Liane Müller’s beautiful yard in Wipperfürth, Germany. In January 2015, Kathi started up a new chapter, and moved her horses to the Netherlands. With a growing business Kathi realized that she was in need of more space to be able to expand, and also to have the possibility to welcome students at a central location. Today, Kathi runs a busy stables where she develops talented horses for the top sport and also has students training with her.

In September 2014 Kathi competed at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy on Charlie, ending 9th with the Ukrainian team and 45th individually. In August 2015 she competed at the European Championships in Aachen on Zipper, ending 8th with the Ukrainian team and 39th individually.
Photos: credit to Jenny Abrahamsson/worldofshowjumping.com