IJRC activities

July - Equestrian sport is currently in full activity with several high-level Competitions and Nations Cups. Alongside with this events the International Jumping Riders Club continues his activities in these past few months.

During the CSIO of Rome there was a meeting with the Strategic Plan Working Group of the European Equestrian Federation.

While in Aachen the IJRC director  had a meeting with the President of AJO (Alliance of Jumping Organizers) Mr. Peter Bollen, and the board representative Mr. Bram van de Walle.

The discussion was about following items:

1)Possible co operation between AJO and IJRC

In fact it has been discussed about the need to maintain more contacts between the two associations in order to better understand each other's problems and be able to analyze them from riders and organizers point of view.

Therefore it has been decided to have three meetings a year. The next one is scheduled for the end of August

2) The difference between European and North American competitions and the invitation system were other two points that have been analysed.

It would be interesting to find more homogeneity in the equestrian world.

However  in the opinion of the IJRC the equality is difficult to achieve.

These are two different worlds in every aspect: cultural, political, social and historical.

Consequently, also the world of sport reflects such diversity. But there is a need to even out where possible, but at least the Regulations and the CSI requirements.

In Aachen there was another important brief encounter with Mr. John Madden, FEI first Vice President and FEI Jumping Committee Chairman about the “Invitation System linked to the ranking points”.

Regarding the young Riders Academy, the new program conceived for talented young show jumpers, under the patronage of the European Equestrian Federation (EEF), with the cooperation of the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC) and the support of Rolex, it was a pleasure to see the Riders Academy students (which are trained by IJRC members) to do top result in Aachen:

Bertram Allen (trained by Marcus Ehning), Chantal Muller (by Ludger Beerbaum), and also the new entry Laura Klaphake.

Following the 6 new selected students that will follow the full Riders Academy program:

Nicole Holmén (SWE) by Rolf Göran Bengtsston

Irma Karlsson (SWE) by Schroeder’s brothers

Margaux Rocuet (FRA)  2 mounts by Ludger Beerbaum + 4 mounts TBD

Jonathan Gordon  (IRL) by Ludger Beerbaum

George Whitaker (GB) – by Jos Lansink

Boy-Adrian Van Gelderen (Bel) by Marcus Ehning

The following riders will take part only to the Education Conference and to a short stage:

Maria Medenova (RUS),

Olivier and Nicolas Philippaerts (BEL),

Marcel Marschall (GER),

Bertram Allen (IRL),

Laura Klapake (GER  - she will start the full program of technical training next year)