Just two months after the March 2017 meeting between IJRC and FEI at HQ, a second important meeting was held the 24 of May between representatives from the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC) and the FEI. This time, the focus was on another important topic: the system of Ranking Points (IJRC is the owner of the formula).

At the International Equestrian Federation Headquarters, FEI President Ingmar De Vos welcomed IJRC Board member Francois Mathy Jnr, IJRC Director Eleonora Ottaviani and IJRC member Henrik von Eckermann who competed at the Olympic Games in London and Rio.
Following the meeting at which the problem was identified, it was accepted that nothing will change over 2017. However, a working group will consider the issues in order to make some important changes next year. It was agreed to give more points to the Nation Cups.

Owing to the importance of the subject, the working group arranged to hold a second meeting.

The  aim is to review the ranking system and to study the best and fairest way to distribute ranking points, without forgetting that the sport always comes first.

The IJRC is leading an initiative to present a proposal to freeze  the points in the case of long-time injured athletes to the LRWG.

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