Important: here is an update regarding the Event Classification System.

Dear Jumping Riders,

The Event Classification Working Group recently had a very productive meeting,

regarding the ECS’ status and future.

One of the first items was a review of the scores of over 50 events, and the working

group concluded that the system works well and is a very good reflection of an

event in an absolute as well as in a relative way. The goal is to review all events

this way.

Moving forward, it is my hope and request that the riders will continue to assist the

foreign judges in answering the questions for the ECS. The information we are

collecting is very valuable. I have heard the criticism from riders that “the questions

are always the same,” and wanted to clearly explain that that is on purpose to

create a uniform evaluation from show to show. Each show is held to the same

standards and questions for the sake of equal comparison and identifying

weaknesses to improve.

It is often difficult for the foreign judges to request your time and your focus on this

at the shows, but I hope you will continue to be gracious with your expertise so

that we can all work to improve conditions at show jumping events.


John Madden