In 2014 more ranking points in CSI2* and CSI3* GP

Sport comes first. This is the leit motiv for the new year and the main goal for the IJRC. This time the club is discussing solutions to support and defend the fairness of show jumping: from January 2014, an updated point system could be settled for CSI2* and CSI3* Grand Prix so that the riders that are not in the first 100 positions of the ranking will have a better chance to accumulate points. After request of the the General Assembly in Geneva it has ben asked to FEI that in 2014 the points for CSI2* and CSI3* GP, will correspond to 20% more than the actual system assignment. This is in order to shorten the gap between top riders and coming up riders who don’t have the chance to take part in 5* shows, valid for the ranking (World Cup, Nations Cup and GCT). Currenlty riders who are not in the Top 30 or are not able to buy a wild card are out of the game. For this reason the IJRC Board and IJRC GA asked the Fei to consider this revision right from the beginning of the year, promoting a more dynamic system to favour the development of the sport.