International Jumping Riders Club News

December- The 2015 will be remembered by the International Jumping Riders Club as a very busy year, full of positive activities and achievements.

Considering for example the last month of the year, the Club was very active to organize the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final, an event at the very top level, that this December celebrated 15 years, as it was promoted also with a little book full of riders and organizers interviews.

This year the IJRC staff was also very busy to attend more then 60 different meetings between national and international institutions, all over Europe.

We are satisfied with the fruitful cooperation we have with a lot of these institutions, but for the future, agreed with the IJRC Board, the staff  would like to be more concentrated on its members interests and problems, in order to work with the riders for the benefit of our sport and to reach together some interesting and useful solutions.

So we need to organize more meetings with the riders, whether they are or not IJRC Board members, in order to discuss and understand the needs of our members, as there are many issues to deal with the riders which worry them a lot.

In 2016 we have to deal with the following issues:

1.Invitation System

2 Pay Card

3.Nations Cup/Furusiyya/Other Series

4.Nation Cup regulations

5. Events who have special  agreements  to  invite riders  not in descending order of the Longines Ranking List.

6.Ranking Points

7.Olympic Format

8.Veterinary issue

Further we would like to deeply analyze the anti-doping procedure, the regulations, the provisional suspensions and the contaminations, because the well-being of the horse, whom we consider our equal partner, should always be the number one priority.

We need to discuss deeply the procedures and the future guidelines when the positive samples are clearly due to food contamination and so the rider should not be subject to immediate suspension, following the same procedures as those where doping is in no doubt, in order to avoid the following consequences, which a provisional suspension with immediate effect may cause.

The IJRC is trusting and sure that it will be always possible to reach some valid solutions when the priority is given to the interest of our sport.

The Board and the Staff of the IJRC wish to all its members a successfully 2016!