5 June - Last event of the day, the Prix of Ramatuelle at 5 pm was the most awaited moment of this Thursday. 35 couples among the best of the world have competed in this table A with a jump off for the clear rounds. The course, designed by Belgian course designer Luc Musette, included 13 obstacles, with 3 doubles at 1.50m, reserved many surprises for the present elite.

Only 11 couples, including 3 French people : Philippe Rozier (Chester 140), Julien Epaillard (Cristallo A LM) and Patrice Delaveau  (Carinjo*HDC), have indeed succeeded in clearing their round and thus access to the jump-off.

Marlon Zanotelli (BRA) was the first to go. Clear his round in 36.04 seconds, he leaded the provisional ranking. Going in second, Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) and Status were in 4 points in 37.14s, they finished in 9th position. Even with a beautiful clear round in 36.28s, 2009 team olympic champion, Laura Kraut (USA) and Andretti weren’t fast enough, they took the 4th place of the provisional ranking. Philippe Rozier (FRA) and Chester 140, clear round in 36.16s, got to the 3rd step of the podium and stayed there until the end. Famous for being one of the fastest of the circuit, Julien Epaillard (FRA) and Cristallo A LM, not only cleared their round but also exploded the chrono with 33.98s, a record that allowed them to take the lead, putting the Brazilian in second place. With 4 points in 34.61s, the team Olympic champion and world no.2, Ben Maher (GBR) and Wings Sublieme finished 6th. Amy Graham and Bella Baloubet made 4 points in 40.26s, the Australian couple was 10th. 4 points also and 36.44s for the team world champion, German Marcus Ehning and Cornado NRW were 8th. No luck also for the Belgian world champion 2006, Jos Lansink and Zerlin M who also finished their round with 4 points and 44.43s (11th). Last French to go, the team world champion Patrice Delaveau with Carinjo*HDC, finished 5th with 4 points in 34.60s. Last one to compete in the jump-off, Belgian Grégory Wathelet and Riesling du Monselet counted 4 points in 35.13s (7th).

Remaining intouchable, French Julien Epaillard (Cristallo A LM) went on the highest step of the podium of the Prix of Ramatuelle, in front of Marlon Zanotelli (BRA). Philippe Rozier (FRA) completed the podium.

Julien Epaillard (FRA), 1st: “I was 5th to go, which allowed me to watch a couple of riders. I went in with a try the maximum spirit. I saw with Philippe (Rozier) that there was a possibility in putting one less stride on the last. It helped me good, I had a good distance on the one before last by increasing, and right after the reception, I went for one less stride. I thought I gained some time at that moment. As my horse turned very well, so some turns helped me.” Concerning Cristallo A LM : ” It´s a horse that gained a lot of experience. He’s 10 years old and is getting to maturity. He started a great season. He already won 5 or 6 events, so fingers crossed for it to last. He’s one of my two head horses with Qarar de la Loge. ”
source: http://www.athinaonassishorseshow.com/