JUMPING - 2017 CSI Invitation Rules

Following concerns raised both during and after the FEI Sports Forum 2017, the FEI Bureau has agreed that the Jumping Committee is to conduct a further review of the CSI Invitation Rules in order to find a sustainable solution that is acceptable to National Federations and stakeholders.

As per Annex V of the Jumping Rules (CSI Invitation Rules), voted in at the FEI General Assembly in Tokyo last November: “For all Events taking place as of 4 July 2017 or as of another date to be established by the FEI and communicated to all parties with sufficient prior written notice, the CSI Invitation Rules will be managed through an online invitation system.”

As the online invitation system is in development and will be fully operational as of 1 January 2018, and in order to allow the Jumping Committee sufficient time to conduct the review process and ensure its proper implementation, the FEI Bureau has decided to suspend the 2017 CSI Invitation Rules at all star level until further notice. The online templates for draft schedules will be updated accordingly.

The review will be done in close cooperation with National Federations and the relevant stakeholders in order to come up with solutions that have a large consensus. Any proposal must not endorse pay cards and the system must always ensure fair opportunities for our athletes and maintain the health of our sport.

The CSI Invitation Rules that were in effect prior to 1 January 2017 will be applied while this process is undertaken.

Lastly, and as agreed during the FEI Sports Forum, the CSI/CSIO requirements will also be reviewed.

For specific questions concerning the implementation of this decision, please contact the FEI Jumping Director John Roche (mail: john.roche@fei.org).

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