Jumping Verona 2015: all the best riders will be there!

The countdown for the jumping Verona event, Longines FEI World Cup tm has started, and all the best of the best riders and horses will compete there.

The first "top ten" riders of the of the Western League of the Longines Fei World Cup tm 2015/2016 will be in Verona at "Fieracavalli" event.

The list of the riders don't need any presentation, their names speak for themselves:

Great Britain: Scott Brash, Ben Maher , Michael Whitaker.

Switzerland: Steve Guerdat, Martin Fuchs, Jane Richard and Janika Sprunger.

Germany: Ludger Beerbaum, Daniel Deusser, Marco Kutscher, Mario Stevens and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

Holland: Maikel van der Vleuten e Gerco Schröder.

France: Penelope Leprevost, Simon Delestre, Roger Yves Bost, Philippe Rozier and the young Margaux Rocrout that belong to ‘Riders Academy’.

Australia: Edwina Alexander.

Belgium: Judy Ann Melchior, Olivier Philippaerts, Wilm Vermier.

Ireland: Bertram Allen, Cameron Hanley.

Italy: Emilio Bicocchi, Filippo Marco Bologni, Piergiorgio Bucci, Lorenzo De Luca, Juan Carlos Garcia, Giampiero Garofalo, Emanuele Gaudiano, Filippo Moyerson, Luca Maria Moneta, David Sbardella, Massimiliano Bianchi, Mirco Casadei, Gianni Govoni, Giulia Martinengo Marquet, Roberto Previtali e Melissa Vanzani.

Sweden: Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Henrik von Eckermann and Douglas Lindelöw.

Denmark: Andrea Schou.

Finland: Anna-Julia Kontio.

Austria: Max Küner.

Spain: Eduardo Alvarez Aznar.

Argentina: José Maria Larocca.

There is a long waiting list so we will have to wait till next week to know the very final starting list.