Jumping test for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games on Wednesday: bravo Filippo!

25 June - The first of the Jumping test events for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy has just come to a close with a victory for Italy. Filippo Moyersoen and Loro Piana Biricchina Belle were certainly in it to win it! The first clear round without time penalties was completed by the thirteenth competitor to enter the ring, Colombia’s Rodrigo Diaz (34’26), who definitely earned the crowd’s enraptured applause. In his wake, Patrice Delaveau and Quenndal de Lojou*HDC upped the ante with a new fastest time of 28’67. But the Frenchman had not taken into account the spirited Filippo Moyersoen on Loro Piana Biricchina Bella, who was determined to beat the Norman rider. “Everything looks great at these test events: the surface, the stadium, the stables. I must admit that my mare was a little overwhelmed by the size of the venue when she entered the arena, but despite this she won the class. It’s a good sign for the other competitions. When I go back to Italy, I’ll tell my teammates that sixty days ahead of the event, the organisation was fantastic, and I’ll tell them that the stadium is right in the city centre, which should remind them of the Rome Games a few years ago (laughs).”


The second half of the class saw more clear rounds, as the riders seemed even more determined to clinch a place on the podium. Young Irish rider Bertram Allen, atop Wrangler II, slipped into second place ahead of Switzerland’s Frédérique Fabre-Delbos on Nirvana Baster. The best French performance in the class was by Alexis Gautier, who finished in fourth place with Sherie Star. All in all, Patrice Delaveau, who came sixth, does not regret coming along. “I am obviously very proud to open these Games here in Normandy, just 50km from where I live. I entered quite late on: originally I thought I’d just come to watch, then I said to myself that it’d be great to share my impressions with my potential teammates and jump in front of the first spectators. So, I pulled out all the stops and even decided to wear my French team colours (laughs).”


  1. Filippo Moyersoen (ITA) - Loro Piana Biricchina Bella (26,01)

  2. Bertram Allen (IRL) - Wrangler II (27,40)

  3. Frederique Fabre Delbos (SUI) - Niverana Basters (27,78)