Jur Vrieling cancels all competitions for a while.

Dutch rider Jur Vrieling had canceled all competitions for the upcomming time to recover from the disapointing Olympic Games in Rio. Even local competitions have been taken out of the planning.

The Dutch were one of the top contenders for a medal this Olympics but failed to claim any. One of the reasons: the unexplainable stops of Vrielings horse Zirocco Blue VDL. Normally the big white stallion is the hero of the team by jumping those clears none could get right. But this time in Rio Zirroco did not feel like it and stopped four times.

On top of all the drama Vrieling corrected Zirroco by hitting him with the whip, a action that did not went  unnoticed on social media. As the rider tells local broadcaster RTV Noord: "When nine out of 10 people try to cheer you up. But that one breaks you down with a negative rant that somehow does stick more" In some cases Jur claims he even got threatened.

Vrieling and his team are still looking for an explanation why his horse did not want to jump as Zirroco looks fit  and could well go on competitions right away again. But nonetheless the stallion will get a deserved month of rest in the meadows. Then the pair will slowly restart their training.  Vrieling is also not sure when will be back in the ring.

"A few days of holiday will be good for me. But I love working with my horses. Not doing that for to long will make me start thinking and worrying. That is also not a good thing"

Source: RTV Noord