27 May - The year 2015 is coming to a crucial point for the Longines China Tour. In a total of four locations and competitions the Chinese and international horse community will battle it out. On the agenda are Shanghai World Expo Pavillion, Beijing Equestrian Association, the Dalian-international yacht harbor in Donggang and the Guangzhou-Huangcun Olympic training center.

In May it was the Longines Global Champions Tour in Shanghai that was on the program. It allowed the spectators to enjoy some world-class show jumping sport as well. The national tour offered different competitions from 60/90cm up to a jumping course set at a height of 1.50m. Next on the program is the Longines China Tour Fuhui Cup at the South Area of the Shanghai Chinese Art Museum. this weekend the Chinese riders will battle for the Longines Prix (130cm), the Fuhui Tian Xia Championship (125cm), the Duomi Challenge (90cm) and the national 150cm class. Some of the international top riders will be present as well…

Source: Equnews