Luciana Diniz and Fit For Fun on the road to the Olympic Games in Rio

Luciana Diniz is one of the best rider in the world, she counted a lot of victories in many Grand Prix all over the world, and in a few days she will represent her country at show-jumping competition at the Olympic Games of Rio together with the great horse Fit For Fun.

Luciana, that will be the only rider for Portugal in Rio, has grown with horses: her mother, Lica, is an eight time Brazilian National Dressage Championship winner, and her father, Arnaldo, was an enthusiastic polo player.
Luciana says that her mother and father remain her biggest influence to this day.

The past months were crucial for Luciana's preparation for this big event. Throughout a series of video it was possible to follow her strategy, learn about the work she does with her horses, understand how she focuses and what she prioritises. But - most of all - to fall in love with her horses and the very special relationship she has with each one of them.

As Luciana decided to ride Fit For Fun at this Olympic, join her in the video below, knowing better who is this super horse.

Luciana said about her: "Fit For Fun, also called Fitti, is my "pretty girl". She is simply beautiful and downright magic! Fit For Fun bears her name for good reason. It is pure pleasure to ride her.

As a broodmare she produced two very good youngsters. Thanks to the partnership with her co-owner Ralf Jünger and his family, we are a very strong team with the engergy to jump throughout the whole world. And I know that no matter where we are our families are watching us on television or livestream".

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source: Luciana Diniz website