The Springpaarden Fonds Nederland, or SFN, i.e.,the Showjumping Fund of the Netherlands is very active, as it has already bought 2 talented horses. The fund works hand-in-hand with breeders, dealers and the Dutch Federation as they buy horses for Dutch riders. SFN buys the horse at a lower rate, as the original owner keeps a 25 percent stake in the horse. The original owner earns a share of prize money and profits from sold horses but forgoes the rest of the decision-making process about the horse’s career. The new 2 horses will go to 2 top riders. Hester Klompmaker’s Djumpsina SFN (Zürich x Manhattan) moved to the stables of Gerco Schröder while Chuck Blue SFN (by Mr. Blue) moved to Dubbeldam’s stables.