Olympic Games Rio 2016: The calendar

26 March - The Olympic Committee has announced the Rio 2016 Olympic Games’s calendar, including the dates for all equestrian events. The equestrian events will kick off with the three day eventers. They will start fighting for their medals in Deodoro on August 6 till August 9th 2016, this means just a year after the test events. Following the eventers, it’s the Dressage riders turn to fight for the metals starting on August 10th to 12th and riding their last test on the 15th. Finally, the last ones will be the jumpers, who’s first test will start on August 14th, then riders and horses will have a day off on the 15th, to continue on the 16 and 17th, the Final being on August 19th. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio’s opening ceremony will be held in August the 4th and the Closing Ceremony will be in August the 21st.