Opening of the Equestrian Sports Centre Riesenbeck

28 March - The IJRC Director Eleonora Ottaviani, join the Club Vice President Ludger Beerbaum,  at the Opening of the  Equestrian Sports Centre Riesenbeck on Saturday, 28 March .

Riesenbeck International is a joint venture between Ludger Beerbaum and Baron Constantin Heereman and his son Philipp thus creating one of the most spectacular riding sport centres in the heart of Europe. The objective of this project is to foster the development of equestrian sport. This state-of-the-art equestrian centre with two large indoor arenas, vast outdoor facilities which have been hosting a number of four-in-hand driving world championships as well as a four star hotel on site will set the scene for four times Olympic champion Ludger Beerbaum and team to enhance the approaches to success in riding as well as horse and stable management. At Riesenbeck International he will be passing on his expertise to training riders and horses. Practical riding skills and experience, academic research and education will further develop and enhance equestrian sport at Riesenbeck International. The Club wish Ludger all the Best Luck for this amazing project.


Long awaited and well prepared - that was the official opening ceremony of Riesenbeck International on 28 of March. However, nobody expected such a grandiose result. From 2 o'clock onward, the masses flocked into the impressive event hall at the complex An der Surenburg - more than 3,000 visitors stood shoulder to shoulder and experienced a show second to none.

There were many surprises: Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen - actually guest of the show - agreed to praise her good friend Madeleine Winter-Schulze for her deep commitment for the equestrian sport. This was also the purpose of 40 visiting vaulting equestrians, among them the world champion group of Patric Looser, with their own orchestrated surprise freestyle performance.  Also unplanned was the interaction of Isabell Werth - who moderated her ride on Emilio via a headset - and the Federal Trainer of the dressage rider Monica Theodorescu who, as always, commented on this training ride. And as a total surprise ultimately the staging of Soccer World Champion Thomas Müller who held a laudation for Christian Kukuk all the way from an international match in Georgia. Also a surprise to the honoured person, the employee of the Beerbaum stable was awarded with the Golden Rider Badge.

The hall was enthusiastic from the very beginning - and slowly but surely, a great load was lifted from Ludger Beerbaum. Invited guests from industry and economy, politics and family followed the invitation of the investors Ludger Beerbaum and Heereman. And their response was overwhelming.

It was supposed to be a different opening ceremony. The selection of the presenters alone indicate the right direction: With Christian Kröber and Julius Krawczyk, two young men took over the microphone who had a close connection with the riding sport - one as the son of the "Equitana inventor" Wolf Kröber, the other the son of the unforgettable hall speaker Stefan Krawczyk. The motto of the event was headlined with "local - global, Champions and young talents". Thus, the Volti children of the Riding Association Riesenbeck were allowed to perform their exercises in front of a large audience - and after that, the world champions of this discipline, led by Patric Looser and Kai Vorberg, staged a freestyle performance. Madeleine Winter-Schulze, up to this moment without a clue, was asked to enter the arena and the "Voltis" thanked her for many years of support with this presentation. It was a big moment which drove a tear to the eye of more than just the honoured person. A small selection of stallions of Ludger Beerbaum's stables generated a want for more (an entire show is devoted to the studs on Sunday). The show turned funny with the appearance of "Else" - this artistic figure, which creates mischief with the rider scene - hides, suitable in this environment, Silvie trainer and judge Silvial von Heereman-Unterberg, daughter of investor Constantin Freiherr Heereman who unfortunately was absent due to illness. "Else" spared no one. With a brash snout she took aim at Ludger Beerbaum who quite obviously enjoyed it. There were many highlights; particularly noteworthy from a breeder's point of view is the fact that the French top stud Lamm de Fetan is now also available to the Beerbaum stallion station. The 16 year old French stallion owned by Edouard de Rothschild (S: Fergar Mail, mother of: Le Tot de Semilly) brings fresh blood into German breeding. The audience surely liked the performance of the young trainee Laura who was allowed to ride and jump Ludger's top horse Chaman. "I wanted to show how easy Chaman can be ridden; child's play!", so Ludger Beerbaum about this part of the program. The fact that hard work pay and can even be great fun was demonstrated by the following dressage quadrille, ridden by the show jumping rider professionals of the Beerbaum stable and children of the rider association who brought their ponies into the arena. Even the last rehearsals for this event were liked by all. The result was particularly in the interest of the First Chairman of Rider Association, Philipp Freiherr Heereman. "For me, this is practiced cooperation and synergy as shown in no other association." When - shortly before the party - 37 visiting colleagues of Ludger Beerbaum showed with an international show jumping show that his hall is quite suitable for a tournament, the world of the organisers was alright. Ludger Beerbaum was marked by the exertions of the past week: "The work was worth it. I am truly happy!"

The winners of the first international show jumping:

1) Henrik von Eckermann, Crespo

2) Philip Rüping, Carlsson

3) Patrick Stühlmeyer, Canturado

4) Marcus Ehning, Cornado NRW