Our Director busy weekend

1 June - The IRC Director Eleonora Ottaviani, has been really busy last weekend, travelling from San Gallo to Münich, one of the most popular horse shows of Germany. She has been working in order to press the Riders to Vote for The atlete representative.

Yesterday indeed, was the last possible day to contribute to the nomination of the athletes’ representative in the FEI Jumping Committee, as for all the other equestrian disciplines.

Two  out of five candidates are part of the IJRC board, the vice-president Rodrigo Pessoa and Geir Gulliksen.

This election are so important because it is inside the Jumping Committee where all the technical issues (e.g. all jumping rules, high boots problem, stewarding, allocation of EU Championships, ranking, show evaluation etc.) are discussed. that the riders have a chance to make their choral voice heard.

The result of the elections will be announced on the 17th of July.