7 June - Final of these 3 days of competition, the Grand Prix Longines welcomes the 35 best competitors of the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show. With 300 000 prize money, this two round event, designed by Luc Musette, Belgian international course designer, allowed only 13 couples to qualify for the second.

Already victorious in the previous event with Ornella Mail*HDC, Patrice Delaveau, one of the key French team members, won again easily with Carinjo*HDC, recently 3rd of the Grand Prix Longines of La Baule. Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) and Donatella N, his partner in the world cup final this year are second. The 2004 olympic champion, Rodrigo Pessoa is 3rd with Status, recently 5th of the Nations Cup in La Baule.

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Patrice Delaveau (FRA), 1st: “It’s a first successful edition for us, for the riders, the owners, the grooms. To all the organising team, thank you.” Concerning his victory in the Grand Prix Longines : “I’m really very happy. I came with Carinjo in Ramatuelle to prepare him for an eventual participation in the next World Equestrian Games.”  

Nicola Philippaerts (BEL), 2nd : “I gave everything. But I’m happy with Patrice’s victory.”

Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA), 3rd : “Thank you to Denis (Monticolo) and to all his team for their great work in this edition. Thanks also to the sponsors that gave them support.”Concerning his performance in the Grand Prix Longines: “I’m very satisfied with my horse. I’ve been riding him only since the beginning of the year. He’s still not a fast horse, but he’s got potential” 

Charles Villoz, Vice president of Longines: “It was a great Grand Prix. Longines is very proud to be associated with this first meeting in Ramatuelle. Thanks to all for this show.”

Denis Monticolo, Director of the organisation: “Thanks to all that have help in the success of the event. Thank you to the riders, the public, the sponsors, and all the teams that work with us. See you in 2015 ! ”