March - For the upcoming Sports Forum in Lausanne on 27-28 April 2015, the IJRC Board is working on a document to present, but the single opinion of each rider is very important to enrich the meeting and create new talking points to improve the quality of our Sport.

Some of the main focus of the discussion, with all the considerations  already shared, will be:

1)if the WEG and the Nations Cup should have the same format and numbers of riders per team as the Olympic Games or not (with 3 riders per team and  not drop off the worst result);

2)if the Invitation System could be linked with the distribution of ranking points based on the creation, by the FEI, of three different kind of competitions.

There is a lot of discussion, so We need to work all together sharing ideas that can help to reach positive and constructive decisions.

Your ideas are very important and IJRC is fully confident of the positive outcome of this year Sport Forum, so if you want to contribute to the discussions you can by either participating on the online platform on the fei website (click the the link:  or by providing no later than 13 April 2015 a specific document concerning one of the topics being presented at the Sports Forum for publication. Please send your document(s) to