Quotes after the Grand Prix of Mannheim: “The jump-off was one of the best, if not the best, I ever rode on Chiara!"

19 July - The winner Ludger Beerbaum: “First I would like to thank the organisers of this show, who made a special CSIO5* edition this year celebrating the 100th Nations Cup in Germany. I would also like to thank the city of Mannheim for their support of this event. As to my own performance today, I think I chose the right pants this morning. I was lucky from A to Z, first that I had a draw towards the end - then I was very lucky in the first round that I did not have to deal with the extreme rain that came - neither during my warm-up nor round - like some of my colleagues. Then in the first round, I was also a bit lucky - if I am realistic it was not really the best round. I was also lucky to be in towards the end of the jump-off, I could watch Beezie and that really gave me the last kick and adrenaline to go for it. The jump-off was one of the best, if not the best, I ever rode on Chiara! I am very happy!"

Runner-up Beezie Madden: “I would like to thank the management here, and the sponsors as well. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the footing was like it never rained already! I was really considering should I go, or should I not go - but then after the break the class started again I realised it was going to dry up in five-ten minutes. So I went in, and it felt fantastic - the crowd was super. I was so happy with my horse, he jumped three clear rounds yesterday and came back today and was fantastic again. I think the first round was quite good, in my jump-off I left the door open for sure on the turn back to the double. I also had to hold up a couple of other places, and it just did not come up the way I wanted - but I could not have asked for more of my horse. Hats off to Ludger he was super - and I am so glad I came here!”

Third placed Katharina Offel: “I am unbelievably happy today! Zipper is a new horse for me, it is our first really big Grand Prix - and only our third show together. Double clear, amazing feeling - at one of my favourite shows. It was not all that sure that I could ride here, when it became clear we would have no team here I directly called if I kindly could have an individual invitation as I have been a frequent visitor here - and luckily I received it. And now I can sit here between riders of the calibre of Ludger and Beezie, and I have to say I feel really proud about that!"

source: www.worldofshowjumping.com