Quotes after the Mercedes Benz Nations Cup in Aachen

Otto Becker, Chef d’Equipe Germany

There is not much left to say: A fantastic team that did a super job! We had hoped to win because we had a good feeling, but now it has also become reality. That is something else again. I am very proud of all four riders.

Simone Blum

I simply can’t believe it. It was a fantastic day, a fantastic team and I am proud of us all. And my horse jumped brilliantly.

Laura Klaphake

It is a dream come true: First of all, because I was actually able to ride in the team, secondly because we won. My recipe for success? I always give my horse a kiss before we enter the ring.

Maurice Tebbel

That is the second time I have won a Nations Cup in succession. I can’t actually believe it yet. It wasn’t until the prize-giving ceremony that I actually started to realise it a bit.

Marcus Ehning

Once you have won here once, you want to win every year! Indeed, we have succeeded in doing so for the last three years. So we are simply happy! The young riders performed superbly.

Rodrigo Pessoa, Chef d’Equipe Ireland

Firstly, we are very happy to actually have the opportunity to compete here in Aachen! The CHIO Aachen is such a special event with such a fantastic atmosphere, with such an impressive stadium. We came so close to taking the title, so of course we are a little sad at only coming second. But the team definitely gave a super performance.

Rob Ehrens, Chef d’Equipe of the Netherlands

We had a very good first round and were rather unlucky in the second round. But ok, that is simply the sport! I am very proud of my team. Next time we will simply do a bit better, so that we win.