Jeroen Dubbeldam has won almost everything there is to win. The current World – and European Champion, as well as Olympic Gold Medal winner of the Sydney 2000 Games, has now received confirmation of his succes signing a sponsorship contract with Swiss watch brand, Rolex.

“The support of a high quality brand, such as Rolex, feels a real honour and appreciation for my dedicated hard work and career,” states Dubbeldam. “Rolex has been a main partner of the Equestrian sports since over half a century. Their dedication and support brought the equestrian sport where it is today.”

Jeroen Dubbeldam is only the second rider in the world who ever managed to win both the Olympic, World Championship and European Championship titel. Also Germany’s show jumping rider, Hans Günter Winkler managed to accomplish this astonishing result in the 50′ of the past century.