Reed Kessler announces the sale of her top horse Cylana

Reed Kessler wrote on her facebook page on the sale of Cylana with which she achieved brilliant results:

"It's with tears in my eyes that I announce Cylana will be moving on to the next chapter of her career. Cylana has been the horse of a lifetime for me. She made me into the rider I am today for which I am forever grateful. It is a very bittersweet moment for me, no doubt the hardest decision of my life. Cylana is and forever will be a part of me. But I am happy that she can go on to do the same for Cloe Hymowitz. I had no intention of selling Cylana, but I have been friends with Brianne Goutal, Cloe’s trainer for my entire life and I would not have considered selling Cylana to anyone else. I know in her program Cylana will be treated with the ultimate respect and that she will be as loved and cared for as she was in my stable. I'm so thankful that the Hymowitz family adamantly agreed for Cylana to return to me to retire after her sporting career with Cloe. It's not goodbye, just see you in a little while. Thank you for the best moments of my life Cylana, and we will keep your big clover field ready for you when it's time".