Regina Z retired from competitions

Harrie Smolders’s top star horse Regina Z (Rex Z x Savoy Hannover) has been retired from competitions after so many successes with his rider.

Harrie has published a tribute for this amazing horse:

"Regina was for several years my most winning horse, together we had so many beautiful victories. It wasn't love at first though, in the beginning we struggled in our communication cause of your stubborn character. It took us over half a year before our partnership was growing together. But once we understood each other and the moment you knew how the game was working everyone was aware of our skills. You had the best front technique off all the horses I have ever ridden besides that your turning was inimitable. Also your heart was bigger then any other horse, even when the sizes of the fences where not in the reach of your possibilities you would never hesitate to jump them. You were a believer and made unpossible things happen. Your fighting spirit gave us many followers and a very special relationship. We won classes everywhere in the world but also grand prix, nations cups, world cups, did two wold cup finals, won a Global champions tour and you was for many years the leading lady of the Z ranking. We could always count on you and made the owner Jos Verlooy senior, the breeder Jan Wilms and the whole Eurohorse team very proud over and over again. Even our last show together we won because of course you want to finish in style. Thanks to Regina and everybody who made my career with her so great. But now it is time for a new chapter in your life, hopefully you will be successful in breeding too. But I have no doubt about that because you are a born winner!!"