Rio 2016 show jumping: timetable

Day one (14 August): First individual qualifying competition

This takes place over one round. This competition counts as a qualification for the final individual competition. It also establishes the starting order for the team competition.

Day two (16 August): Team competition round one

The team jumping competition is held over two days with a possible jump-off. The competition comprises two rounds, over two different courses. These rounds of the team competition also count as the second and third individual qualifying competitions.

All team riders jump in round one, but only the top 60 individuals — so riders who do not have a team and who are placed below 60th after the first individual qualifying competition progress no further.

Day three (17 August): Team competition round two

Only the top eight teams following round one progress to this round and the best 45 individuals. These top eight teams carry their penalties forward from round one of the team competition.

The team placings for the top eight teams are decided by adding the penalties of the three best-placed riders from each team in round one and round two from the team competition.

In the case of equal penalties for gold, silver and bronze medals, there will be a jump-off against the clock. All team riders may take part in the jump-off, with the best three scores counting.

The result of the team jump-off only determines the placing of the teams (medal positions) — it is not a qualifier for the individual final.

Day four (19 August): The final individual jumping competition

This comprises one final competition run over two rounds (round A and B), with a possible jump-off.

Round A — the top 35 riders who have qualified through the previous rounds contest this round. They start on a clean slate of penalties. No more than three riders from any one nation can take part in this competition. If four riders from one nation are within the top 35, the three best-placed riders from that nation will contest in the individual final.

Round B — this round is for the top 20 combinations following round A. If there are equal penalties a jump-off will take place to determine the final individual medal positions.