Samuel Parot beats the world's best in beautiful Monaco

27 June - The feature class of the evening, the Prix Massimo Dutti, was won by Samuel Parot (CHI) and Quick du Pottier who beat the best riders in the world to win this evening’s beautiful trophy. Second place went to Roger-Yves Bost (FRA) and Poker Des Dames, and third to Daniel Deusser (GER) and Fyloe vh Claeyssenhof in a fast and exciting jump-off in the heart of Monaco’s famous harbour.

The first round, set by Luc Musette, was full up to height with wide oxers and tough distances. The tight time allowed forced riders to cut corners in an already small arena in order to avoid penalties. A short double of uprights early in the course caught out many, as did another short upright to oxer  combination in the final line.

Three riders of the 48 starters picked up a frustrating time fault and a few big names came home with a surprising number of faults - but this unique arena does take a bit of getting used to in the middle of the outdoor season. “It’s like riding indoors again,” said GCT TV commentator Steve Hadley.

Fourteen riders went through to the twisty jump-off round which included a spooky water tray under a large oxer across the middle of the arena and a final set of planks set close into the corner, giving the impression of jumping straight into the VIP area.

Roger-Yves Bost looked unbeatable setting a time of 33.75s from 2nd in the draw, but Samuel Parot rode the round of his life to better the reigning European Champion by 0.74s. The big names, including the World No1 and No2 Scott Brash and Ben Maher, tried to catch the Chilean but were forced into making errors, leaving Parot with one of the biggest victories of his career.


Photo: Stefano Grasso/LGCT