Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos made history at Spruce Meadows

Scott Brash with Hello Sanctos won the $ 1.5 Million Rolex Grand Prix at Spruce Meadows Masters.

Scott Brash is the first rider ever to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.

In an interview done 2 days before (see the Grand Prix, he told  how he spent his day off before the big event to prepare himself and what could unnerve his top horse "Hello Sanctos" in the ring.

After qualifying on Thursday for the Grand Prix, the "CP 'International', presented by Rolex", you are only going to take part in the one competition with "Hello Sanctos". What did you do with him on his day off?

We just did some light training yesterday. I rode him twice so that he could stretch his legs, but very gently and relaxed. I exercised him lightly this morning too and this afternoon we will actually do a bit more work, depending on how he feels. I will ride him tomorrow morning one last time before the Grand Prix.

And what will you do this evening?
I am invited to the traditional dinner here in Spruce Meadows, which I am really looking forward to. However, I will go back to the hotel early, of course, because, after all, I have got a job to do tomorrow.

Which is going to be everything but easy, because a host of fantastic riders have qualified for the Grand Prix. Who do you think are going to be your biggest rivals in the battle for victory tomorrow?
Many riders have shown that they are in top form here. Beezie Madden, for example, has had an excellent show so far, so has Kent Farrington. But Kevin Staut and Eric Lamaze have both also put in great performances so far here at the ‘Masters’. It is definitely going to be a tough battle for the victory!

And “Hello Sanctos” will be fighting for you as he has done over the past days…
Yes, he jumped very, very well on Wednesday and Thursday. He really feels at home in the “International Ring”. The only thing that could distract him are the extraordinary fences here in Spruce Meadows. “Sanctos” is sometimes a bit spooky in that way. So, we shall have to wait and see what the course designer has in store for us tomorrow.

Have you already developed a strategy of how you are going to ride the competition? There are two rounds and possibly also a jump-off.
Naturally, when I walk the course, I will decide how I am going to ride. But, ultimately, we have to take each round as it comes. We simply have to keep concentrated and take one step at a time. It is going to be very, very difficult to win the Major, but we will certainly give it our very best shot!