Speed, Technique and Strategy: Sporting Thrills in a Matter of Minutes

Deep satisfaction was expressed by participants at the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final, held in the last week of November in Stockholm.

Once again, competitors expressed enthusiasm for the competition’s format while the IJRC sent a huge vote of thanks to the Stockholm organisers for their extreme professionalism, and respect for the riders and the IJRC.

Special appreciation goes to the organizers for their ability to include the IJRC Rolex Top Ten Final in their superb competition whilst allowing the Club total freedom, without interfering in the choices and desires of the riders.

A particular thank you goes to Ulf Rosengreen, to the show director Mats Mellberg and to all the staff.

Perer Lundstom constructed two courses which were highly appreciated by the competitors. The Club's Vice President and the Director, who invented this racing format in the year 2000, also expressed their enthusiastic approval.

'You can say what you like, but this remains a unique and thrilling race' declared Rodrigo Pessoa.

'What sets this competition apart is seeing all the Top 10 united in a climate of friendship, creating ties between riders. Anyone who experiences the Top 10 for the first time is enchanted; the unique format create a magical atmosphere,' said Eleonora Ottaviani.

During the press conference, the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final winner Daniel Deusser underlined that this was his most important victory.

A warm-hearted thanks was also given to the sponsor, Rolex, which has supported the Top 10 since 2003.