Taloubet Z has been retired from competitions

Taloubet Z (Galoubet A x Polydor) 18 years old, one of the best horses in the world, will be retired this weekend.
He will compete in Lispsia, and then he can finally concentrate on his career as a breeding stallion. No breeding stallion in the world traveled and won more than Taloubet Z.

Ridden by Christian Ahlmann, he won more ten € 2,000,000 in price money, 105 starts in 5* competitions, 45 World Cup competitions, 26 international victories, 9 Championships and medals in Olympics, European championships and World Cup finals.

Taloubet Z proved in his sport career to be one of the  strongest horses in the world and he is also the prototype of a modern sport horse; light-footed, fast and exceptionally powerful.