The German Olympic Equestrian Committee selected its teams

The  German Olympic Equestrian Committee (Deutschen Olympiade-Komitees für Reiterei) has announced riders that will composed its 3 teams A, B and B2.

Here is the list that composed the 3 groups in alphabetical order:

A team:

Christian Ahlmann (Codex One, Taloubet Z and Epleaser van't Heike)

Ludger Beerbaum (Chiara and Casello)

Daniel Deusser (Cornet d'Amour and First Class van Eeckelghem)

Hans-Dieter Dreher (Embassy and Cool and Easy)

Marcus Ehning (Cornado NRW and Comme Il Faut)

Marco Kutscher (Van Gogh and Chaccorin)

Janne Friederike (Meyer with Goja)

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (Fibonacci and Comanche)

Mario Stevens (Brooklyn)

Patrick Stühlmeyer (Lacan)


Felix Hassmann (Horse Gym's Balance and Horse Gym's Balzaci, )

Denis Nielsen (DSP Cashmoaker

André Thieme (Conthendrix)

Philipp Weishaupt (Liberty Son )

David Will (Mic Mac du Tillard)

B2 team

Alexander Hinz (Campitello)

Laura Klaphake (Silverstone G)

Andreas Kreuzer (Calvilot)

Niklas Krieg (Carella)

Christian Kukuk (Carilot)

Maximilian Lill (Capuccino)

Kaya Lüthi (Wilane)

Marcel Marschall (Undercontract, Fenia van Klapscheut)

Maurice Tebbel (Chacco's Son)

Jana Wargers with Caspar.

Some of these riders are involved with  the  "Riders Academy": Laura Klaphake, Marcel Marschall are part of this edition programme. Kaya Lüthi was part of the Academy last year and Niklas Krieg is part of the next edition selection.

The “Riders Academy” has been developed by a group of equestrian professionals with the cooperation of the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC) and with the generous support of Rolex.

The aim of Riders Academy is to assist in training show jumping young talents and to help in preparing their career as future professionals in the sport.