The Olympics timetable

Friday 5 August

  • Eventing first horse inspection: 12.30-1.55pm (8.30-9.55am)

  • Opening ceremony: 11.30pm (7.30pm)

Saturday 6 August

  • Eventing dressage: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Sunday 7 August

  • Eventing dressage: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Monday 8 August

  • Eventing cross-country: 2-7pm (10am-3pm)

  • Dressage horse inspection: 7.45-8.55pm (3.45-4.55pm)

Tuesday 9 August

  • Eventing second horse inspection: Noon-1pm ((8-9am)

  • Eventing team showjumping, eventing individual showumping, eventing team and individual medal ceremonies: 2-7.30pm (10am-3.30pm)

Wednesday 10 August

  • Dressage grand prix: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Thursday 11 August

  • Dressage grand prix: 2-8pm (10am-4pm)

Friday 12 August

  • Showjumping horse inspection: 11.30am-1pm (7.30-9am)

  • Dressage grand prix special team final and team medal ceremony: 2-8.30pm (10am-4.30pm)

Saturday 13 August

  • Showjumping training session: 2-6.50pm (10am-2.50pm)

Sunday 14 August

  • Showjumping first qualifier (team and individual): 2-5.45pm (10am-1.45pm)

Monday 15 August

  • Dressage grand prix freestyle and individual medal ceremony: 2-6pm (10am-2pm)

Tuesday 16 August

  • Showjumping team round one: 2-5.30pm (10am-1.30pm)

Wednesday 17 August

  • Showjumping team round two and team medal ceremony: 2-4.45pm (10am-12.45pm)

Thursday 18 August

  • Showjumping horse inspection: 8-8.30pm (4-4.30pm)

Friday 19 August

  • Showjumping individual final and individual medal ceremony: 2-6.45pm (10am-2.45pm)

Sunday 21 August

  • Closing ceremony: 11.30pm (7.30pm)