Three Olympic Medalists in show jumping together in Riesenbeck

Last week a lot of the best riders in the world were competing  at CSI2* Riesenbeck, as you can see in the images where there are three Olympic Medalists in show jumping all together: Ludger Beerbaum (gold in 1992 in Barcelona riding Classic Touch), Steve Guerdat (gold in 2012 in London riding Nino des Buissonnets) and Jeroen Dubbeldam (gold in 2000 in Sydney riding De Sjiem).

Riesenbeck International is a joint venture between Ludger Beerbaum and Baron Constantin Heereman and his son Philipp thus creating one of the most spectacular riding sport centres in the heart of Europe. The objective of this project is to foster the development of equestrian sport. This state-of-the-art equestrian centre with two large indoor arenas, vast outdoor facilities which have been hosting a number of four-in-hand driving world championships as well as a four star hotel on site sets the scene for four times Olympic champion Ludger Beerbaum and team to enhance the approaches to success in riding as well as horse and stable management. At Riesenbeck International he is passing on his expertise to training riders and horses. Practical riding skills and experience, academic research and education develop and enhance equestrian sport at Riesenbeck International.

image: RI