Tuscany Tour at its best. A Young Riders Academy Selection 2017 has started

The selection for the fourth year of “a Young Riders Academy” took off in Arezzo April 6-9.

As usual the super OC were very generous to host us for this first leg. Originally we would have seen riders from Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria and France but due to unfortunate injuries of some horse the field was a little reduced. On the other hand we had the pleasure to see Monika Martini, Chantal Müller, Giampiero Garofalo and Laetitia du Couëdic, from previous years, both helping out with the evaluation and competing up to GP.

Course designer Santiago de Varela put up some courses testing the capacity to the limit but as he always does, fair, correct and well riding. The quality of the candidates was high and even, giving us the normal problems to pick the right riders. To get there we need to look at the videos again and again to have it all clear in mind when we take on the next group in Redefin.

source: www.ridersacademy.eu