As we build up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games the FEI has  launched their #TwoHearts communication campaign. We all together have to become the spokesman of our sport!


"We all understand the extraordinary connection between rider and horse.

The intuitive bond. The mutual respect. The committed partnership.

We all know there's no other Olympic sport like equestrianism. We all know why our sport's so exceptional, but millions of people don't.

We need to show that equestrianism is about Two Hearts, by focusing on the remarkable relationship between horse and rider. We can connect not just with equestrian fans, but with wider sports fans.

A symbol is the easiest way to reach people and to communicate the Two Hearts message.

It can be understood in every languages and will unify our communications throughout RIO 2016, and even beyond.

To ensure our Two Hearts campaign resonates around the world, to ignite new passion for equestrianism. We need your heartfelt support."