Ukraine wins the Olympic qualifier in Samorin and is ready for Rio

2 August - It was the Ukrainian team consisting of Cassio Rivetti, Ferenc Szentirmai, Rene Tebbel and Katharina Offel that went to the top in the Olympic qualifier for Group C in Samorin on Sunday afternoon. Ending on a total of 17 penalties, the Ukrainian team had a good margin down to runner-up Czech Republic that finished on 31 penalties. It was only winning that was good enough today to get a ticket to Rio, so a lot was on stake for the nine countries that had lined up for the competition.

After the first round, the Ukrainians had a score of six penalties in total, while Czech Republic followed behind on 19 and Turkey on 22. There were a lot of faults in the first round, and it was not only the track that took it´s toll on the horses and riders - the time allowed also was an important factor as it was quite short.

The Czech Republic started the second round well when Zuzana Zelinkova opened with only a time penalty on Caleri II (Calido I x Leonid). Ukraine´s Cassio Rivetti had to record five penalties after just having one penalty in the first round though, riding the veteran Vivant (Fuego du Prelet x Landino).

But, Zelinkova´s team mates did not have as good a second round as she. Andrej Zara had twelve faults in the second round and Emma Augier de Moussac five penalties. Ukraine´s Ferenc Szentirmai had one down and a time penalty on Chadino (Chacco-Blue x Narew xx), so when Rene Tebbel yet again rode a round with only a time penalty on Cooper (Colman x Limbus) the deal was sealed and Katharina Offel did not even have to enter the ring as the anchor rider as the Ukrainian team could not be caught by the Czechs.


1. Ukraine - 17 penalties

2. Czech Republic - 31 penalties

3. Hungary - 40 penalties

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