WEG bronze medalist rules the City of Los Angeles Trophy

28 September - The City of Los Angeles Trophy, a 1.50 m class with jump-off, had the taste of the last World Equestrian Games as the top three riders all came back from Normandy with at least one medal in their luggage: Kent Farrington (team bronze medalist), Jur Vrieling (team World Champion) and Beezie Madden (team and individual bronze medals). But tonight, the New-Yorker Kent Farrington was the fastest of the three. His secret, a horse named Willow. “He is a very good indoor horse - exceptionally fast inside, always looking for the next jump and he lands in balance, so there's no recovery time. He's very competitive. He's fresh and I think that's how he goes best. I'm really happy with this finish today and hope we have a bit of luck on Sunday.”

Of course, Kent appreciates the set-up of this Longines Los Angeles Masters and knows all it brings to the equestrian sport in his country: “It's great for the United States to showcase such an event - a European style show.  We don't really have that sort of exposure here so it's great for the people who don’t get to come to Europe to see a show like this. I hope it's well supported in the future.”
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